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PiForever provides high Quality & Best Diamonds for all special occasions.


From your engagement  to your many anniversaries. From fine, to custom and even uniquely beautiful Jewish pieces, PiForever is your premier high end jewelry destination.


PiForever is proud to work exclusively with AEPi and is even more proud to beat the best price you can find. Our goal is to provide Brothers access to high quality gems at the lowest cost and to give back to AEPi in the process.​

PiForever proudly supports the AEPi Foundation.


PiForever Founders

Gerry Garcia

PiForever's co-founder Gerry Garcia is a proud AEPi Brother, a Founding Father of the Epsilon Upsilon Chapter at Yale, and an AEPi lay leader for ... a long, long time. A recurring AEPi theme is "Commitment for a Lifetime." Expressing this commitment, a portion of all PiForever sales benefit the AEPi Foundation.  PiForever contributes from all sales regardless of AEPi affiliation — brother, friend, family or ally. 

Uri Sion

Uri Sion is co-founder of PiForever. He is one of the owners of Imperial Diamonds, a diamond mine owner and operator and diamond wholesaler with deep relationships in the gem and precious stone wholesale community.  Uri has been in the diamond industry since the 1980's and has known Gerry for more than 20 years.

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We Have Access To High Quality Diamonds

PiForever have access to the highest quality diamonds. We Create Jewelry for our clients based on their needs and vision. At PiForever, we want to make your dream come true.

As wholesalers, we are disrupting the industry by selling directly to consumers instead of, ahem, to middlemen who mark up your goods. ​


We entered the mining business when customers expressed their outrage over conditions surrounding conflict stones. 

We produced an exclusive line of lab-grown diamonds when customers informed us that they didn't want to sacrifice size and purity due to economical constraints.

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